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Why trading Demarcus Cousins would be the worst thing to do.

With the draft just 3 days away, rumors around the NBA suggest that the Kings are discussing a trade to send All-Star Center Demarcus Cousins to rival Los Angeles Lakers. But why would you do that?

Demarcus Cousins is probably the most talented big man in the league right now and if you trade him the Kings will probably regret it in the long run. Honestly who would you get from the Lakers for him? The 2nd pick? Why that does sound nice the Kings would need to fill the void of Cousins if they so chose to trade him. The Kings need veteran leadership, and if they want to win now they need to find the guys for that.

Another thing why trade Cousins to the Lakers? Your most hated rival. Everyone remembers the 2002 series and frankly unless they can trade us that title it's still a no deal for me.

The other news coming out is that Orlando is trying to get in the picture and would be willing to trade a big man to the Kings while the Lakers still get Cousins. Yeah Orlando has a talented big man, but not an All-Star yet and could be hall of fame in Demarcus Cousins. So it's still a no deal for me.

Lastly, speculation is that Demarcus Cousins has secretly requested a trade and wants to go to the Lakers. Why? The Lakers are deeper in a hole then the Kings are, why would he want to go there? Most likely it's the publicity or maybe even his crew telling him let's move to LA. Long story short stay in Sac it's a better fit for you. Plus I don't see a trade happening just yet. Let the rumors keep flying in.

   Over a month ago